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Surrender of CGHS Card on Superannuation/ Retirement or Transfer

Surrender of CGHS Card by Pensioner going out of station

If a pensioner having lifetime CGHS card issued at one place, shifts to another place then the card is to be surrendered in the office of AD of the first place & after obtaining surrender certificate and NOC, a fresh card shall be obtained from AD of the other place.

Pensioners shifting to a city not covered under CGHS or abroad, are required to surrender their identity cards to the concerned wellness centre against an acknowledgement receipt. However, contributions already paid shall not be refunded. On their return, they may get the card issued again on the basis of the receipt with them, without paying the contribution for the intervening period.

However, if the card is not surrendered at the time of shifting they shall be required to pay actual contribution for the intervening period or a readmission fee of Rs 30, whichever is less.

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Last updated on 14/09/2020