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Procedure for obtaining hearing aid from the Office of the Additional Director

Documents required to be submitted by pensioner beneficiary at parent Wellness Centre:

In case of serving employees, the permission shall be obtained from their parent department.

Terms & Conditions

Repair and maintenance of the hearing aid is the responsibility of the purchaser. The permission is given for a hearing aid carrying warranty of at least three years.

The permission to other city card holders can be given. However, reimbursement shall be preferably from their parent Wellness Centre/ CGHS city.

Replacement may be allowed after five years.

Reimbursement procedure

Documents required are:

The reimbursement is restricted to prevailing ceiling rates fixed by CGHS or the actual whichever lower

Type of hearing aid Ceiling rate
Digital BTE Rs 8,000
ITC/CIC Rs 9,000

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Last updated on 14/09/2020