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Process flow in CGHS Wellness Centre

Registration at Wellness Centre

The beneficiary can take tokens for any GDMO/ Specialist by either walk-in or online appointment.Medicines Registration is done at the reception counter and tokens are issued on ''first come, first served'' basis from 7.30 AM onwards. Beneficiaries who have taken online appointment for GDMOs need not register at the counter and can report directly to the OPD when their token number is called. However beneficiaries who have taken online appointment for Specialists need to register manually at the reception counter.
The time allotted is only the reporting time and not the consultation time.

Consultation in OPD

The Beneficiaries are examined in the OPDs on first come first serve basis. However, priority will be given to Medicinesvery sick beneficiaries who are very sick or being carried to the unit for consultation, the infirm or attending in an Ambulance or any other circumstance which warrants an out of turn consultation shall be seen on a priority basis when brought to the notice of the Medical Officer. Preference shall also be given to Senior Citizens (80+) and Persons With Disabilities for an out of turn consultation and issue of medicines. Further, in the morning hours priority would be given to school children in uniform needing to go to school after the consultation; As also Serving Employees needing their fitness certificates for reporting for duty on expiry of Medical Leave.

Issue of medicines available in pharmacy

Medicines prescribed by CGHS doctors/specialists, which are available in Wellness Centre can Medicinesbe collected the same day or within 3 days from the pharmacy with a valid prescription without registering again. However, they need to register in case they need to meet the Medical Officers to make changes in prescription/ reindent or issue Chemist Authority slip.
The beneficiaries will receive an automated SMS mentioning the number of medicines issued from the pharmacy. Beneficiaries please note that the number of medicines in the automated SMS includes entries made in prescription with '0' quantity entry. Beneficiaries are requested to verify the number and quantity of medicines issued before leaving the counter. The pharmacy counter closes at 02:00 PM eventhough patients may be seen even after that. Inorder to avoid inconvenience to patients, the pharmacist at his/her discretion may issue medicines physically and do the system issue the next working day and the beneficiary will get the SMS when it is issued.

Issue of LP medicines

Medicines which are admissible and not available in the store of the Wellness Centre will be indented from Authorized Local Chemist(ALC) if there is valid prescription from Govt. Specialist/CGHS Specialist/Concerned Specialist of CGHS empanelled private hospitals, and will be normally distributed on the next working day after receipt of the same from ALC. These indented medicines will have to be collected by the beneficiary, maximum within 15 days of date of indent.

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Last updated on 14/09/2020